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Silva Guanta

Embrace your style: Australian fashion design for women

Since 1983, Guanta Boutique have been dressing Australian women in cutting-edge, simple and elegant fashion designs. Women of all ages appreciate fashion in all its forms, from dresses to jewellery. 

Most women however experience a defining moment when they accept style over new and trendy. Whether you are enamoured with one of these timeless boutique designs or one of the French, Italian or German fashion labels we embrace, Guanta Boutique's approach to fashion and accessories is effortless.

Welcome to Guanta Boutique where women always celebrate their own individual dress style.

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Guanta Boutique: Simple and Stylish Australian Design

Guanta Boutique embody simplicity translating into original, timeless dress and ready-to-wear clothing. Women’s fashion and style is effortless with the Guanta Boutique label and other exclusive European clothing and accessories. Discover your own style in Guanta today. 

Exclusive International Designs

Guanta Boutique fashion design tailors to the modern, savvy woman who knows what to wear and how to wear it. Guanta Boutique researched and sourced exclusive European clothing labels that create a synergy with her own fashion designs. Discover a range of unique women’s clothing, jewellery pieces and accessories that will complement your own Guanta Boutique style.
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Cutting-Edge Fashion
Made Simple

Inspiration in women’s fashion and design this season comes from a glamorous and feminine place. Guanta Boutique interprets this ladylike tendency as a welcome to staple skirts, classic jackets and feminine accessories.
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